Protect your Home or Business Router from Outside Hackers!

In this day and age of cyber threats, you have to be proactive when it comes to network security. If you are not, anyone can gain access to your Home or Business Network. Currently, the big issue is with Linksys Home and Small Business Wi-Fi routers. This security issue affects 2 of the biggest lines of Linksys products: their “WRT” Series and also their “EA” Series. The current issue with these routers is that hackers have access to a back door and can then bypass authentication and execute code and change all network settings. In other words, they can take over the whole router. This would allow total control of your network and allow them access to any PC within the network.

There are a few ways to fix your network affected with these issues. Make sure your Default Admin login and password are changed. Disable Guest Wi-Fi networks and also to make sure to update the Firmware of your hardware.

If you’re unsure how to proceed we can help you configure your home or business network. It’ll give you the piece of mind that your network is not going to be accessed from the outside. We would also setup the network to have the best range for you in your house. This might help with dead spots and areas where the Wi-Fi will not reach. Feel free to give us a ring at our office at 412-429-3230
For more info regarding the issue with the Linksys devices please check here.

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