Bob’s Corner: Playing a DVD! @#$%^ Frustrating in Windows 10

Windows PCs can no longer play DVDs without help. Windows 10, like Windows 8 and 8.1 before it, lacks the necessary software. 

So to solve this problem Microsoft will be glad to sell you their Windows DVD Player app that you can buy for $14.99.  OR you download an app that I use VideoLAN’s VLC Media player.  VLC Media player is an open source software that includes support for playing DVD’s.  The best part is, it’s FREE.  I loaded it on Bob’s tablet and know he can enjoy his movies again.  This is a free and easy path to DVD playing in Windows 10. Thanks to Microsoft for the $15 app, but no thanks.

Thank you tech Robert!

If you find yourself getting annoyed with Windows 10 and find yourself saying, “I was able to do that in my previous version of Windows”, give us a call and let us help you or just stop in.  We would love to see you!

 See you next time on Bob’s Corner Blog


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