Computer Virus Repair & Removal

Looking for someone who removes computer virus’s in Pittsburgh?

Answer Computers is proud to be one of the only shops in town that offers actual virus removal rather than deleting your files and reloading your operating system as a quick solution to virus issues.

Most shops, to save time will “wipe clean” your hard drive deleting all of your files, photos, etc., and then reload the PC to its original operating system. At Answer Computer we make every effort to save your data before resorting to such tactics, and 99% of the time we can make that happen for you!


“I have antivirus software installed on my PC. Why did I get a virus?”


Even if you have antivirus software it is still possible to get a virus. What many people don’t know is that when you click on a pop-up or open an attachment you are over-riding the anti-virus program and giving your computer permission to open the harmful file. As well, antivirus programs may not catch the newest viruses – it takes time for their programmers to update their software.


“Why is my computer so slow?”


Other issues that may be slowing your computer are malware, system errors and issues, too many processes running, memory may be fragmented, or you may need an upgrade to handle today’s internet and programs. Regardless of the reason your PC is slow, our goal is to optimize it and restore its functionality back to the same speed or better than it was when you purchased it.

With Answer Computers, you can rest assured knowing that our virus removal services will help restore your computer to like-new standards.

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