A Spring Cleanup Like No Other !

2017 Spring is around the corner and the “Spring Cleaning” we do around the house should also apply to our Computers!

A Spring Tune Up on your PC will help “bring it back to life” so it operates more efficiently. Our process is different than the other guys; we don’t just run one scan and send it back to you. We have multiple processes to ensure the system is free of infections, malware, redundant files and programs. We make sure software updates are current for your Windows operating system as well as other programs that you run. We dust out the fans, visually inspect the components, and clean up temp files.

In the end, your system will be running as quickly as possible. We’ll have put the “spring back in its step”!

Here is a list of items we address:

  • Scan for and Remove any Viruses / Malware
  • Remove Malicious Browser Add-Ons & Extensions
  • Hard Drive Test
  • Blow Dust Out of Machine
  • Visually Check Internal Components for Problems
  • Delete all Temp Files
  • Delete Cookies
  • Cleanup Registry Problems
  • Cleanup Issues in User Directories
  • Cleanup Unnecessary Startup Entries
  • Remove Malicious Browser Add-Ons & Extensions
  • Remove Unnecessary Toolbars
  • Remove Unnecessary / Outdated Programs
  • Defrag Hard Drive if Needed
  • Updates (Adobe, Java, etc.)
  • Windows Updates
  • Security Software Updates

Much more but we are not going to give away all of our Secrets!

Give us a call, or stop in!

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